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Doctor of medical science, neonatologist of Maternity Ward named after D. Koridze, wonderful artist and florist all of these can be attributed to Mrs. Marina Japaridze. She twice had personal exhibition at Karvasla and United Nations House. In 2001-2009 years she participated in exhibition of florists and doctors inspired by art. Some of her works are kept in Germany, France, and in private collection in the USA.
Marina Japaridze has written the book life begins here, few stories and fairy-tales. She was actively involved in international medical conferences and congresses and she is the author of more than 16 scientific works.
Personal Exhibition "Tsavkisi Valley" was held in May 2010.
Marina is a mother of 4 children and grandmother of 4 grandchildren. Critical condition of two of her grandchildren George and Badri, stirred in her the desire to create a written piece called velvet roses that depicts the birth of the twin boys and their struggle for survival.
E-mail: marina_japaridze@yahoo.com
13 years later

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