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Candidate Medical Science Dr. Nunu Beridze and Candidate Medical Science Dr. Marina Japridze
During the last years I have been closely cooperating with Dr. Nunu Beridze, she is currently working at the Georgian Diabetes Center and is actively involved in scientific research.
The aim of our work is revelation of diabetes risk groups in pregnant women and their newborns. We studied the prevalence of infants macrosomia as well as their growth and development retardation among a vast number of women in birth (5000 a year). We also investigate the peculiarities of islet cells and thyroid function in mother/fetus system depending on infants birth weight.
The results have been presented at numerous conferences in Georgia, Finland, France, Belgium and abstracts published in National and International journals.

A list of published abstracts:

1. N. Beridze, R. Kurashvili, M. Japaridze et al
C-peptide and Insulin level in woman in labour and umbilical vein depending on birth weight and labour party.
16-th IDR Congress 1997, Helsinki, abstracts book A223.
2. N. Beridze, M. Japaridze R. Kurashvili et al
Insulin secretion and quantitative islet cell changes in relation to infants body fat topography.
8-th International Congress on Obesity 1998, September, France , Paris, abstracts book, P415
3. N. Beridze, M. Japaridze, R. Kurashvili et al
Insulin and growth hormone secretion in moderately overweight newborns during early neonatal period.
35-th EASD Congress, oral presentation in 1999, Brussels, Belgium, abstracts book.
4. N. Beridze, M. Japaridze et al
Comparative study of Insulin and growth hormone secretion in obese adults and moderately overweight newborns.
Materials of International Conference of Perinatologists, Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Tbilisi, Georgia 1999, P45-46
5. N. Beridze, M. Japaridze, R. Kurashvili et al
Revelation of the predisposition to metabolic syndrome among the healthy moderately overweight newborns.
Bulletin of clinical and experimental endocrinology. Society of Georgian endocrinologists, 2004, N149

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