Marina Japaridze - Art Salon "Ikebana"

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Art salon “Ikebana” invites you to arrange presentations, exhibitions, poetic evenings, jubilees, carnivals and business dealings. Salon comprises musical centre, karaoke, piano and guitar. There is variety of carnival dressings, majestic crowns and masks for children. Handmade works are accessible to purchase.
    Salon also offers lunches, dinners and suppers with diverse menus.
    You can also hire the hall, which holds about 60 people. The price is negotiable. Existing salon with its nice and attractive interior, promises you unforgettable evenings.
    The owner of the salon is Marina Japaridze, she was born in 1953, 25.03. She has been working at the Maternity Ward #4 since 1981, she is a candidate of Science in medicine, artist, writer, and florist. mother of 4 children and grandmother of 3 grandchildren. Author of more than 15 scientific works, two books: “life begins here”, fairy tale “Tiny boy” and “velvet roses”, the latter you can read on the internet site
    She had personal exhibitions in “Karvasla”, “UN”, “Blue Gallery”. In 2000-2004 years, she participated in exhibition of florists and doctors fond of art; her works are available on the internet site: . Some of her works are kept in Germany.
    Everything she uses in her works is natural. That’s why her works are very nice and delicate, full of marvellous colours of the nature.

    Address: 16, Machabeli Street, Tbilisi, Georgia.
    Phone: 8 (995 32) 939-129, 8 (995 32) 995-222


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